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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Adonai Kush by Kushman Massive Seeds

Kushman Massive Seeds, bred by Shiloh Massive
Genetics: Silvertooth (Super Silver Haze x Sweet Tooth #3) x Russian Kush
Potency: THC 19%

Kyle Kushman and Shiloh Massive are the guys at the centre of the new wave of Earth-friendly styles of cannabis growing and, to this end, produce plant-based nutrients and plant food while educating about growing techniques based on ‘living systems’. For this strain, breeder Shiloh Massive has crossed his beloved Russian Kush plant with Silvertooth, which itself is a hybrid of Super Silver Haze and Sweet Tooth #3. This offspring has been inbred to the f6 generation and has been fully stabilized to reduce it to just one phenotype.

Adonai Kush has an impressive genetic back list, which makes it a remarkably fun and interesting plant to cultivate. Growers should be aware that because of the Super Silver Haze and Sweet Tooth #3 background via Silvertooth, this plant really yields an enormous amount of bud for an indica-dominant. Be aware that because of the big buds that appear on this plant, Adonai Kush will prefer a dryer finishing time to prevent mold from developing. Similarly, because of the high yield and heavy flowers, be sure to stake these plants well, especially if growing outdoors in a windy location. The sturdy Russian Kush genetics provide a lot of toughness and reliability to the plant, so Adonai Kush is very hardy and works great as a commercial grower's strain, or as some delicious head stash.

Expect a very lazy, lethargic stone from Adonai Kush, with a decent dose of the munchies coming on before too long.

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