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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Zombie Rasta by Hero Seeds

Hero Seeds, Spain
Genetics: Black Domina (Afghan) x Bob Marley Collie
Potency: THC 23-26%

With a myriad of brilliantly-named cannabis strains out there you have to pull something very special out of the bag to make an impression on jaded tokers, and Spain’s Hero Seeds have definitely done that with Zombie Rasta. This name is a clever play on the name of one of its parent strains, Marley’s Collie, which was named after the legendary dead reggae star Bob Marley – ‘collie’ being slang for weed in his native Jamaica. This Jamaican and Afghani indica mix by was crossed with another indica, Black Domina, which is a blend of Afghani, Canadian Ortega, Northern Lights and Hash Plant.

With such a rich gene pool, Zombie Rasta plants are something special. Owing to the strong influence of Marley’s Collie, these crops have wide, hefty leaves of the deepest green and a massive central cola if left untopped, which they prefer. Thanks to their good but not overly-extensive spread, they work well in a SOG set up as well as regular indoor soil grows. For the best harvest possible, be sure to give the right mix of nutrients and enough feeding. Zombie Rasta is more suited to indoor and greenhouse grows, in which you can expect flowering in 60 days and plant heights of up to 65 inches.

The sativa influence, which comes from Marley’s Collie, also brings a very heady feel to the physical high and the combination of these two will leave you feeling mellow and chilled. The taste is fruity yet sour at the same time, like those little neon candies that fizzle on your tongue, yet a bit more mature.

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