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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Olivia Kush by OtherSide Farms

OtherSide Farms, USA
Genetics: Hindu Kush x Skunk
Potency: THC 20%

OtherSide Farms is a medical marijuana information center in the USA that dispenses information and education about cannabis as well as about growing for medicinal users. The team is extremely passionate about providing professional and high quality products, and this commitment shines through in the growing classes conducted at OtherSide as well as in the sought-after original strain, Olivia Kush. Olivia Kush is an indica-dominant mix of the Hindu Kush and Skunk lines, the latter of which is known for its vigorous growth and potent high.

These plants are fairly short but can reach a medium height if given room to grow. They’re very hardy and begin to look extremely bushy towards the end of the vegetative stage. Olivia Kush is more than happy in an organic soil-based grow, and given good quality soil and the right amount of feeding, can be a fantastic yielder. She isn’t fussy and doesn’t demand any particular environment or nutrient mix. A fast finisher, she should be done completely in around 8 weeks, when her deep green colas exhibit hints of purple here and there.

Olivia Kush has a very thick smoke and is a definite cougher, so don’t feel like a rookie toker when you’re reaching for that glass of water. The effects, though, will make you feel like a newbie: a total knock out stone that hits like a brick wall, making it ideal for the medicinal users this strain was designed for.

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